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Bee Proof ® Three Layers Mesh Ventilated Jacket
Product Code: BNH-VJ-2201
Product Description

  • Fully Ventilated 3-Layers-Mesh Beekeeping Jacket
  • Maximum air flow with no chance of getting stung
  • Premium quality rubber mesh sandwiched between 2 layes of finely woven mesh
  • Astronaut style fenced veil (Round hat style also available)
  • High visibilty fine mesh veil, fully detachable
  • Multiple pockets to keep your accessories
  • Original imported YKK Metal Zipping (Also available in plastic)
  • Zipper ring slider for easy zipping / unzipping
  • Elasticated cuffs & bottoms with elastic loops
  • Elasticated wrists & bottom
  • Durable double stitching for longer suit life
  • American & European sizing (Customized sizing option also available)


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