About us

About us

We as settled our roots in textile and leather apparel manufacturing with great response from the international market and that was the point that we have to step up for a new venture of protection wear and accessories of bee culture. The knowledge of decades undervalued our fear and encouraged us to narrow down the challenges with great crafts never experienced before.
We started working on our project of manufacturing protection apparel in 2015. BeesNHives is at the forefront of the ever-changing beekeeping industry. We are head-on to ensure the survival of honeybee keeping culture among the provision of protection gears, setting an example for others who are interested in this field in the future. Our production category covers beekeeping clothing, gloves, veils, and accessories. We are continuously making efforts to keep the beekeepers alive among the sustainability they wish for. We are here with years of expertise to achieve the leaders as the initiators of standard sting protective wear in this industry, providing the standard quality in our solutions.
We have sourced our interaction towards the walls of international markets serving the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Canada, Denmark, and Australia



Salamin Enterprises established its roots in 2007 as a textile and leather apparel manufacturer in the heart of an industrial junction in Sialkot Pakistan. We experienced this industry for more than a decade and worked hard to make our company known at the national level through well-thought working strategies and the collaboration of skilled craftsmanship.

We jumped on the first step ahead and started working on our new project of beekeeping protection apparel in 2015. This production category covers beekeeping clothing, gloves, veils, and accessories. We are continuously making efforts with our years of expertise to achieve the top-notch position in this industry, providing the standard quality in our solutions.


Mission & Vision Statements
Voicing our across-the-board drives

Allow beekeepers to get an unforgettable experience through comfort and easy movements. We work on new and challenging concepts to satisfy their demands. Boosting their spirit with our beneficial products’ timeline getting them ahead for the good of bees’ lives. Our core mission is to deliver them time-effective and cost-efficient worthy services getting them ahead in their amazing passion.

Cultivating apiculturists' future needs

Our future drive is to execute the processes with automation turning our working environment more productive and fast pace. To introduce the inventions with experimental approaches in beekeeping clothing and make our company a trustworthy hub for the beekeepers’ apparel production. Drive change through research to introduce the new walls of consolation with new outlooks, utilizing innovative technologies in our manufacturing.

Manufacturing Process
  • Cutting unit

    Our craftsmanship utilizes their skill mastery in cutting the patterns according to the specific measurements. Fine-tuned cutting results are incorporated for the exact and to-the-point fit as aimed.

  • Embroidery unit

    BeesNHive's wide structure of working also offers embroidery facilities. We offer beekeepers look and stylish with comfort at the same time. Embroidery's latest machinery is up in our in-house setup.

  • Printing unit

    We own cutting-edge technologies in the printing departments that allow us to meet modern product manufacturing needs. We proceed with every procedure prioritizing the quality standards, and our clients are always pleased with our final outputs.

  • Stitching unit

    BeesNHives has enough resources for stitching machines to accommodate large-scale projects at any time. Working with numerous well-maintained sewing units including automation and digital machines as part of our setup

  • Quality & Compliance department

    A group quality control department that specializes in investigating products from all angles and rejecting those that is defective. They proceed to deliver products after receiving 100% approval from quality control officials.

  • Raw Material

    We maximize the companies' solution values with the research and development in the design with realistic mockups by a team of expert designers, mastering the sampling procedure for the clients.

  • Packing department

    It's both an art and a technical talent that's accomplished by a trained packing crew with the best expertise for the greatest outcome.

  • Shipping department

    Top-notch services are prioritized in our organizational culture. Products are checked for quality and given to the shipping department. The product transportation process is under the management of the shipping manager. Our goal is a delivery that is secure and safe.


Zero child labor

We strongly discourage child labor in all of our manufacturing zones and never promote it in any way. Despite this, we are aiming to provide them with opportunities through education in our future projects so that they can grow up to be confident and productive mind personalities of society.

Promoting Diversity

Our main objective is to deal with customers regardless of race, color, and their stability status in society. We are serving a great range of our products worldwide to satisfy the needs of humans suitable for all, driving value in their purpose.

Empowering with economic strength

We stand unified in our support for our employees throughout the unstable economic times of decreasing money value with wage inequality. Bees n Hives supports all craftsmen, regardless of their designation, and respects the legal rights of persons at work by accumulating the payment needs they deserve.

Healthy working environment

Our core purpose is not just manufacturing and delivering quality products but also a safe and sound environment with assurance of all safety factors for our craftsmanship in the workplace with well ventilated, airy, and clean atmosphere.

Membership & Compliance