Fabric: 3 Layers Mesh

(PVC Foam Mesh + Polyester Mesh)

Poly-Cotton (for pockets and lining

Zippers: Available with YKK Plastic or YKK Metal zippers (with simple or ring sliders)

Customization options: custom sizing, veil styles, zipper types, various color

  • To participation in beekeeping chores safely and confidently, children also need the appropriate equipment like a beekeeping suit.
  • Providing kids with the right protection gear such as ventilated and non-ventilated clothing, including coveralls, jackets, gloves, and veils, eliminates their fear of getting stung by bees.
  • All of our range of beekeeping gear for children can be tailored to various sizes, styles, and colors suitable for young beekeepers of all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

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